Your Experience

Our guests!Our guests are very important to us! People visiting Southeast Alaska have numerous options available to them when choosing which excursions they will participate in while they are on vacation. When people choose one of our excursions, we are honored they would trust us to provide them with a positive, memorable experience, and we consider it a privilege to provide them with excellent service.

We consider people who visit us as our “guests”. We do this because the word “guest” is defined as “somebody who receives hospitality from someone else”. And the word “hospitality” is defined as, “friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests or strangers”. Hospitality is exactly what we aim to provide for our guests. They trust us to provide them with a positive experience, and this is just what we will do by providing them with the “E.X.C.U.R.S.I.O.N. of a lifetime”. We all play a role in providing this whether we interact with a guest for only a minute or for hours.

Our Goal

“To be a leading tour operator in Alaska’s tourism industry known for its excellent service, its outstanding employment opportunities, and the exceptional care it provides to its animals.”

Our Motto

“To consistently provide the E.X.C.U.R.S.I.O.N. of a lifetime to others by exhibiting character, excellence, unity, respect, safety, and integrity in all we do while operating in a fun, team environment that strives to create a new tomorrow.”