Sled Dog Discovery in Juneau, Alaska

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When you visit our Musher’s Camp, you will not only experience a true Alaskan adventure, you will also be supporting the state sport! When you take that thrilling sled ride, you will also be participating in the summer training of a professional team of sled dogs. When you cuddle with our husky puppies, you will also be socializing them. And when you learn about this adventurous sport through our engaging demonstrations, we hope you will also get hooked and follow next winter’s races!

Your journey will begin with a scenic drive deep into the Tongass National Rainforest on Douglas Island. At the camp, you will not only be greeted by a musher but also by a team of Alaskan huskies just bursting with excitement. They know that once you board the custom-designed wheeled summertime sled, they get to run! Feel the thrill of being pulled by these strong huskies, and soak in the inspiring beauty as you race down a one-mile trail surrounded by giant Spruce and Hemlock trees.

After the ride, meet up with a knowledgeable dog handler and a retired sled dog. Together they will demonstrate the immaculate care sled dogs receive from their mushers and veterinarians. Walk across our suspension bridge overlooking Fish Creek and be awed by Alaska’s wilderness. Enjoy an interactive presentation about the adventurous races and various equipment involved in dog sledding.

Last, but certainly not least, meet our adorable husky puppies! They love your attention—and we do too! Believe it or not, your affection socializes them, and this is essential to their future athletic success.

As a small, locally owned company we take pride in sharing our passion for mushing and for Alaska. It would be an honor to give you the “E.X.C.U.R.S.I.O.N of a lifetime” You will have a blast when you experience an authentic dog sled ride, meet and learn from our knowledgeable mushers and dog handlers, and play with our husky puppies. Your pictures with the dog team, mushers, puppies, and equipment will be a great way to share your Alaskan adventure with your friends and family back at home!

2 1/3 Hours including transfers.
$133.00* per adult / $109.00* per child.
*Prices may vary.

Notes: All ages are welcome, and most special needs may be accommodated. Round-trip transportation provided. Must have mobility to walk 100 yards either on our own or with assistance. Must be able to raise knee 12 inches to accommodate (approximately 12 steps).