Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition in Skagway, Alaska

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Fast, fun, and exhilarating, this approximately 4-hour adventure is sure to excite nature lovers and thrill seekers alike. Get a running start on solid ground and take flight into the treetops of the Alaskan rainforest.

It all begins at your cruise dock where you meet your guide. From there, enjoy an entertaining and historic tour through downtown Skagway then drive along nine miles of stunning coastline. When you arrive at our base in Dyea, you will transfer into our customized Unimog—an all-wheel drive vehicle necessary for getting up our rugged mountain road. During your rugged ride up the mountain, look out at the impressive rainforest and glacially fed waterfalls. Get psyched—you’re about to fly over this wild landscape!

At the top of the mountain, you will suit up in gear that meets the highest standards of safety while your highly trained guide tells you what to expect and how to safely navigate the course.

You will then be led to the take- off zone, where you’ll clip in and fly away! You’ll soar through our exhilarating course of ziplines, the longest measuring 750ft—that’s longer than 2 football fields combined!

But this is more than just any zip course, our lines will bring you directly above glacially-fed waterfalls, so close you can feel the mist as you zoom by! For the more cautious adventurers, rest assured that you can always control your own speed with a brake system. But we double dog dare you to let go and zoom up to 45 miles per hour!

Of course, that’s a little too fast to take those perfect pictures of the Alaskan wilderness. That’s why we decided that a hardcore Unimog and breathtaking zip course over waterfalls just isn’t quite enough.So, we added four state-of-the-art suspension bridges. From these bridges, you’ll be able to capture stunning photos of you and your loved ones in the heart of Alaska’s wild beauty.

After completing the course, pat yourself on the back, say goodbye to your guides, and enjoy your last ride in the Unimog to your bus at the bottom of the mountain. Take advantage of the scenic drive back to Skagway to look over your pictures and joke about who was the bravest zipliner. This is bound to be an “E.X.C.U.R.S.I.O.N of a lifetime”, one you will surely remember for years to come!


4 Hours including transfers.
$169.00* per adult / $149.00* per child. 
*Prices may vary. 

Notes: Round-trip transportation provided. Minimum weight 50 lbs / maximum weight 265 lbs. Minimum age 6 yrs. This excursion is designed for persons in good physical condition. Guests with existing injuries, seizure disorders, and/or current or re-occurring medical conditions, as well as pregnant women should not take this tour. 

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