After having been raised in Skagway, Alaska and having graduated in the glorious days of spandex, hair spray, and mullet-headed bands with male singers who sang about 3 octaves higher than should be humanly possible, Robert Murphy set out to share his passion and enthusiasm for his home state and town with visitors through tourism. So, in 1991, after a two-season stint working as a driver and salesman for a local tour company, Robert brought his first passenger van and started his own company by selling seats to the White Pass Summit. You guessed it! He named the company “Alaska Excursions” and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Way back when, as in when Robert was both the company’s owner and sole staff member, Alaska Excursions adopted and began to practice its high standard of excellence. It continued to embrace this standard in everything, and it still does today. 

Alaska Excursions has consistently experienced growth since its beginning. With now having about 70 staff members, as well as hosting anywhere between 150-300 dogs, each season, there are some things about the company that has never changed. The company continues to embrace standards of excellence and professionalism in all it pursues, and it continues to provide exceptional care to all of its animals. And, most importantly, the company continues to share its passion for Alaska and its history with all of our guests by providing them with an outstanding experience. It continues to make providing all of our guests with the “E.X.C.U.R.S.I.O.N. of a lifetime” its number one goal.

Our History

1991 For the next few years, Alaska Excursions continued to share the beauty of Alaska through bus tours and fishing charters. It also operated two different retail stores that allowed visitors to take a piece of Alaska home with them. 

1994 “Chilkoot Horseback Adventure (Skagway, AK)” began to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy Alaskan scenery via horseback. Since the company now had four-legged friends on staff, it quickly adopted its “we love and respect our animals” attitude and committed itself to providing its animals with exceptional care. 

1995 With the help of 12 Alaskan huskies, one musher, and Robert himself, Alaska Excursions started its “Musher’s Camp & Sled Dog Adventure (Skagway, AK)” which offers guests the chance to experience the thrill of dog mushing, Alaska’s state’s sport. 

2007 With the opening of “Musher’s Camp & Sled Dog Discovery (Juneau, AK)” the company enabled itself to share the sport of mushing with even more guests each season.  

2010 Alaska Excursions sponsored its first annual sled-dog race called the “Alaska Excursions 120.” 

2011 Alaska Excursions is adding a “Unimog” adventure to its Skagway dog camp tour and a “suspension bridge” experience to its Juneau dog camp tour. 

2011 Alaska Excursions is ready to expand once again and offer its guests the chance to view Alaska’s splendor from above with its “Mammoth Waterfalls & Ultra Zip-Line Adventure (Skagway, AK).”

2013 Alaska Excursions took over operations of Glacier Point Wilderness Safari.